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I am selling my collection of beautiful and rare Plumeria I have collected them over many years.

You need to email me at the address below. Just go to your email and type in what you see below (but no blank spaces)
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All for sale . . . . You can leave these in pots or you can put them in the ground and let them grow for really beautiful plants. Pumeria are awesome around Swimming Pools and Jacuzzies.

Yes, Plumeria are trees up to 15'. BUT they can be kept to very small plants. 3' high, or larger by your pool
or Jacuzzi and make your own Lei out of the flowers.

You can control them to the size you want. The more you cut the more they brach out ,sovery cool by a jacuzzi or pool.

Here you will find as much information as I can give you about growing Plumeria.
I have been involved in growing Plumeira for 30+ years.

I have these new cuttings, 3 year old plants to7 year old plants, all rare - see below. They are 30" to 7' tall.
They are beautiful. Almost all my plants for sale as I am moving onto a boat.
Pricing from $15 and up to $3500 for a 7year old Potted incredible plant in a barrel plant. Awesome. BUT you must pay for shipping or moving the plants.
Local pickup best . . . . The plants are located in Cathedral City CA 92234.
Near Palm Springs CA. Yep it is getting warmer this time of the year.

And these Plumeria Plants love it.

Kaneohe Sunburst

Kakua Wilder

intenserainIntense Rainbow

Cyndi Moragne


Samoan Fluff


Puu Kahea


Aztec Gold



I have the above plants for sale, BUT in the
last rainstorm all the labels came off.
There is no way for me to know which plants are which.
EXCEPT the ones that awill be blooming. All my plants
are rare and mature. They are all in my special mixture of soil.

OK, I have about 60 plants for sale.
They range from 2' to 6'+ In Pots OR Cuttings
Cuttings, 15" to 5' yep just plant them in good spoil that I recommend. Even if you are planting them in the ground, add the recommended soil first.
So, until they bloom I am selling all at a reduced price.
Prices can go up once I know what the colors are.

Get them while they last/ Then I am done with this as I am
moving onto my boat.
The prices on these WERE starting at $120+
NOW only $35 to $3500. ea plus shipping.
Includes shipping to lower 48 states only.
Cathedral City, Calif 92234.
Buy more then one and I make you an even better deal, 25% off each Plumeria you want to buy at the same time.
These mature plants in wooden barrels sell for over $750 plus. Not included shipping. Those need to be picked in person. I can possible find a deliver guy for a price locally,
depending on where you live.
Price to transport depends on location.
Other wise They must be picked up in person.

The larger plants, even though not in a barrel, may be difficult to ship, better to pick up in person, if you can.
If not shipping could get expensive.

I do not ship to anywhere out of the lower 48 states.

If you want to buy any of these plants, or see photos online.
call me at 805-637-9748

Once again, right now I do not know which plant is which.
That's why the reduced rates. Look at the bottom
of this page for photos of what I have to sell.

THEY are not blooming now, but starting soon. Just getting over winter. In the past these have mostly bloomed all year, but a littl coolder this year. BUT thewy are leafing now. So it won't be long before they bloom. BUT all do not bloom the first season. Usually the 2nd season.

If you buy now, you get a super deal and you will get some of the named plants.
So super deal, but can't tell which it is. My plants are mature 2-7 years old.
If you are in the neighborhood you can come and choose
from my selection. So super deal for you now. I will combine shipping.


Call me and I can send you photos


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Plumeria Cuttings - How To:
Rooting Using Pea Gravel Method

Increases cutting stability, aids in heat retention, holds light soil in place.

I use a Palm Catcus Mix with Perlite. My plants are in 5 gallon buckets.
If you were able to pick up in person you can also take the plant in it's 5 gal bucket.
You also save shipping cost $15.

Starting from a cutting.  

Cutting, Rooting Hormone, Cup of water, Ruler, 
Potting Soil, 1 Gallon pot (clay or plastic), Perlite, Pea Gravel.

 Measure and mark the cutting 4 inches from the bottom.

Prepare the soil by mixing 1/3rds Perlite to 2/3rds Cactus Mix.

Fill the pot with the soil mix, leaving 1 Inch from the pot rim

Dip the cutting in the cup of water, then dip it into the rooting hormone.


First take a round like the handle of a small tool and make a 4" hole.
Sink the cutting into the pot until the marked line is even with the pot rim.
Press and firm the mix and add more if needed.
Remember to leave and inch or more for the pea gravel.

Fill the rest with pea gravel, again press and firm it down.
Notice the size of the pea gravel.  Make sure it's PEA gravel.

Next, water the pot until water drains out the bottom holes.
Best to do this late in the day.
Finally, place pot in a warm sunny location and let it grow the following day.
Do not water again until the soil becomes dry, approximatly 1 day here in the Plm Sperings area..
I think having a moisture tester is very handy, as you don't want to over water.
On watering, when in doubt wait a day or so, these plants are very hardy.
I water all of my Plumeria every day as it gets hot in the summer here.
I still water every day in the winter, but not as much.

If rooted in early Spring it takes less than 90 days to develop a full root ball.
Then you can plant in ground if you like, or tansfer to a much larger pot.


Plumeria Overview




Plumeria is one of the most versatile plants and very hardy. Even grown in cold climates. How? I can tell you how.
What do you do with Plumeria Flowers? Put them in your hair ladies, or pin then on your shirts, or make Lei's out of them.
You can put them in a bowl of water and they will last quite a while. There are special bowls made for Plumeria.
Many have wonderful fragrances.


Here is an excellent overview of Plumeria, it was written by Dr. Richard A. Criley, who is a leading expert on Plumeria.
You can take your plant and the plastic pot that it is in and plant them in the ground

    Plunging is the practice of burying a potted plant to it's rim in the ground.  Many plants including Plumeria grow better in the ground than potted plants just standing on the surface. The advantages of plunging plants are that the plant does not dry out as quickly as above ground pot plants which are exposed. Other advantages are the constant soil temperature underground, and plumeria's will send out roots through the drain holes and gain water and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Also plunged Plumerias are very stable and won't be blown over in windy conditions.  Last but not the least, is the ability to dig the Plumeria up in the Fall and store it without any stress or shock if you live in a cold climate. Temperatures that stay below 50º for more then 3 days are not good. They cannot handle freezing weather for more then a day or two.

They love growing in warm-hot weather, then transplant to ground or larger pot.

When frost comes you can just cut off the roots from around the holes of the pots and take them out of the ground. You can then take them out of the pot and take off all leaves and wash the soil off. Put in a dry place that will not freeze and then repot next spring.

If you are really adventerous

Grow Plumeria from Seeds

Try buying some seeds online. It really is fun and I have grown many Plumeira that way. BUT you are in for the long haul.

BUT remember only plumeria cuttings can have the same name as the Plumeria that the cutting came from.
You never know for sure what polinated the plumeria that produced the seeds. So seeds are not the originals.



small pot

Insert the seed into the soil, leaving the wing sticking up.
Next, pinch the soil against the seed to insure good contact.




Seeds 101
...behold the power of seeds !

Propagating Plumeria from seed is fun and exciting.  Plumeria seeds are not true to the parent plant. Which means the seedlings can be very different from the parent Plumeria.  Seeds are the reason we have over 300 named varieties.

You can usually find seeds from most any variety of Plumeria.
BUT only cuttings from the original can be called the original name.
You never know what pollinated a Plumeria that produced the seeds.




Do you want to get really involved and adventerous with your Plumeria

Steps to take cuttings from your mature Plumiera

  1. trim

Take cuttings from plumeria with bypass pruning shears while wearing rubber or medical gloves in late winter.

    • Select newly matured shoots that are light gray-green for best results.
    • Make your cuttings 1’ to 2’ feet (30.5 to 61cm) long.
    • Remove any leaves, flowers or buds from the cuttings.
  1. trim1

Allow the cuttings to dry for 1 week to 10 days in a warm area out of direct sunlight.

  1. trim2

Prepare the potting mix.

    • Use a mixture of 1 parts perlite to 2 parts potting medium Cactus Mix and blend well.
    • Moisten the potting mixture until it holds together but is not dripping water.
  1. trim3

Fill a 6”to 8” (diameter pot with good drainage to within 1” (2.5 cm) of the pot rim with the potting mix. You need a pot for each cutting.

  1. trim4

Make a hole 5” (12.7 cm) deep and a little bigger than the diameter of your cuttings in the center of each pot. Use your finger or the handle of a trowel.

  1. trim5

Dip the bottom of each cutting into water then into rooting hormone powder and insert it in a hole you made in the planting mix.

  1. trim6

Gently firm the soil around each cutting.

  1. trim8

Cover the top of the planting medium to just below the pot rim with coarse aquarium gravel or pea gravel.

  1. trim8

Set your planted cuttings in a warm, above 60ºF (15.5ºC), sunny place where they will not be disturbed.

  1. trim9

Water lightly, 1 to 2 cups of water per pot, after 1 week and each week after until you have several new leaves on each cutting.

  1. trim11

Water until water drains from the bottom of the pot once a week after several leaves have developed.

  1. trim12

Transplant into the ground or larger pots before the plants get root bound.



Stem Rot

( Black leg  or  Black Rot )
Click on image for a larger photo.

Plumeria Cutting
Stem is almost hallow


Plumeria Cutting
Rotten to the core


Plumeria Cutting
End is Black and hallow


Plumeria Cutting x section
Tissue is totally rotten


Stem Rot is a disease that causes the decaying of the inner layers of the Plumeria. The plumeria stem becomes soft and squishy as the inside rots away.  Stem rot moves very quickly and is almost always fatal to cuttings. Stem Rot usually occurs while trying to root cuttings or during winter storage.  Cool temperatures and wet soil are the favorite playground for Stem Rot.  Rooting and newly rooted plumerias during their first overwintering are at highest risk for developing stem rot.  Once a Plumeria has survived it's first winter, Stem Rot is usually not a problem.   
Plumeria Cuttings :  Infected cuttings typically fail to root. Instead they develop rot that gradually moves up the stem. Leaf wilt and leaf spotting may be evident. The rotted stem eventually becomes shriveled, turns dull dark brown to black in color, and falls over in its pot.
Mature Plumerias :  Although rare,  mature plants can lose a branch or two from stem rot and/or freeze damage.  Freeze damage looks almost the same as Stem Rot.  In either case, with mature plumeria just cut off the affected areas and a mature plumeria will bounce right back with new branches and leaves.
*** Because Stem Rot is virtually untreatable,
I offer tips to help prevent it.

How to Avoid Stem Rot on Plumerias
Note: There is no effective treatment for stem rot once it becomes established.
1.  Be Sanitary. Keep the growing area clean and free of fallen leaves.
(Keep the Greenhouse area as clean as possible)
2.  Dust cuttings with fungicide before potting in media.
3.  Always use "rooting hormone With Fungicide" in it.
4.  Root Cuttings in individual sterilized pots.
    (if a plant has rotted or died in a pot do not use it for rooting)
5.  Do Not use Livestock manure in the rooting soil
6.  Use a fast draining media like Perlite for rooting cuttings.
7.  XXX Do Not overwater rooting cuttings... when it doubt, wait a week. XXX
8.  XXX Repeat .. Do Not overwater rooting cuttings.The biggest problem. XXX
9.  During the growing season and winter storage check your plants
by squeezing the base of the Plumeria just above the soil line. 
It should be Firm.
10.  During winter storage keep you plants as warm as possible,
Store them in a sun room or warm laundry room etc. for the first winter.
(...at least above 40 degrees F.)
11. Try to keep the Plumeria growing with grow lights during it's first winter.
12. At first sign of Stem Rot treat it with liquid Fungicide and try to keep the soil dry.
13. If all else fails...take a cutting from the plant at any location you can get clean healthy wood, and try to root it.
NOTE:   If you are having reoccurring problems with Stem Rot,
I would stress to you, use rooting hormone with fungicide Switch your
rooting media to 2/3rds Perlite and DO NOT overwater.
Over waterning really is the biggest problem with Plumeria causing rot. .
They don't need a ton of water better to underwater if anything.
Plumeria are very hardy but getting a water tester
is a very good investment while your plants arew gettiong mature.


Fertilizer Information
Notes on Fertilizer...

    When fertilizing Plumeria you should use a high Phosphate fertilizer (middle number).  If you use a fertilizer high in Nitrogen then you will make a healthy but tall and leggy plumeria.  Plumeria in general only branch when they bloom, therefore you must use a fertilizer that will promote the most blooms. Which in turn makes the most branches. If you find a Plumeria full of branches, then you'll know it's been a good bloomer.

Insert: My plants I have for sale have good branches and are very healthy and a super deal right now today is:

March, 23, 2017 Get them before they are gone.
    What brand should you use? Super Bloom and others are fine, 10-50-10 is loaded with Micronutrients.  Micronutrients is all the smaller nutrients that plants need like Iron, Manganese, zinc etc. Micronutrients are heavily needed in container (potted) plants, because huge amounts of nutrients are leached out during daily waterings.

Once your Plumeria is at a stage 3-6 months to be replanted and you live in a year round area that does not freeze more thin a day or so and does not stay under 50º for more then 5 days then where will you plant it?

1) Plant in best full sun area
2) Do you want a 25' Tree one day? Front yard or back yard?
3) Do want to make a hedge around the front of your property? You can then keep it the size you want. 3' to 5' you will need plenty of plants for that, but I have seen them, awesome. I wish I had that picture. You need a plant about every 2.5 feel apart. All one color or a rainbow of colors.
4) Keep the plants smaller like 4'-8' just keep triming once in a while and you can grow more with your cuttings.
5) Keep plants in pots. I had a couple that were in expensive 3-4' pots awesome. The more you take cuttings to keep the size down the more branches. And branches mean more blooms. I had a neighbor that had one of the most impressive Plumeria in a 4' pot, just about as a round a plant as you will find. Really awsome.

 ( Summery )
Blooms = Branches +  Branches = More Blooms
Use a high Phosphate fertilizer at least every 2 weeks during the growing season. Miracle-Gro "Bloom Booster" 10-52-10 might be a good one.

Here is a partial list of the plants I have for sale
What has happened is that i had the marked but over a period of time water and sun faded out the names of the plants I now have left for sale. SO, prices lower at this time I can't tell you which is which. They are one of them, but? All wonderful plants

1) Scott Pratt
2) Sunrise
3) Teresa Wilder
4) Puu Kahia
5) Maui Beauty
6) Morange (yellow)
7) Lemon Swirl
8) Kona Hybrid
9) Kaleiana
10) Jean Morange
11) Nebels Rainbow
12) Cerise (red)
13) King Haleakaui
14) Maui Rainbow
15) Pink Wave
16) Kanapali
17) Celedine
18) Nebels Gold
19) Samoan Sunrise
20) Aztic Gold





Lei Making
Don't worry it can be fun!!!

  • Jar of Vaseline
  • 6" or 12" Lei needle
  • ( 3" or 4" Upholstery needle, buy smallest Diameter.)
  • 4 to 8 Pound Fishing Line or strong thread.
  • 50 to 60 Plumeria Flowers
  • One 1 Gallon Ziplock bag
  • Measuring Tape

Pile of Flowers
Yellow ones smell the best

Pile of Flowers
White one smells good too.

Step #1 :  Gather all supplies.  Gather the flowers early in the morning and for best results use Plumeria flowers that have a thick waxy feel, such as 'Celadine' , 'Nebels Rainbow' and 'Hilo Beauty'.  These flowers are thick and waxy and have a 2 or 3 day "keeping quality" once they are made into a Lei.  If you choose to use other types of plumeria flowers, expect the Lei to last 1 day. 
Now is a good time to decide if you are doing a solid or mixed Lei.  If you choose mixed flowers, don't just string them up; do a pattern.... 3 yellows, 3 reds, 3 whites... or 6 yellows then 1 red. etc.

'Celadine' Flower
Into the eye of the flower

'Celadine' Flowers
Threading is fun!

Step #2:  Measure & cut the string at about 46" to allow yourself 6" to tie it.  Thread the string through the needle's eye, and either pull the string back or crimp it in place with pliers. Tie anything around the other end to keep the flowers from coming off.  Dip the needle in the jar of Vaseline and thread the first flower going into the eye of the flower.  Slide each flower onto the string. Don't fill the needle up with six flowers and expect all six of them to slide properly.  One at a time is the key to not tearing the flowers.  Redip into the Vaseline as needed.

7 flowers on a 12" needle

7 yellows then 1 pink

7 yellows then 1 pink

Pink is 'Guillot's Sunset'

Almost done with one

Close-up shot

Almost done with two

Close-up shot



Step #3:  Once you're finished stringing the flowers, cut the string from the needle and tie the ends.  Then cut off excess string from the knot area.  Next, place the lei into the 1 gallon bag.... splash a little water into the bag....  close the ziplock part 90% of the way.... then blow into the bag filling it full of air.... ziplock it shut.  Store the lei in the refrigerator until it's time to wear it.
Click Here for Lei Tradition Information....

More Lei Photos






Make your own Lei's one day. All you need is plenty of Flowers.
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Hello, Captain Chuck here. . . . I hope you are having a really great day.

I have never made a dime with any of my websites, I did them as a labor of love.
I will continue to do them unless someone wants to buy one of them or all of them.
You can then change the format? Or you can keep the format and I would be glad to help if you needed it.


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